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October 15th, 2004 · No Comments · Spam

My security-through-obscurity would only last so long, and indeed, it seems someone has decided to comment spam Nosuch. There’s certain advantages to using a somewhat hand-crafted comment system, and one of them is being overlooked by the spam bots. But that doesn’t mean someone isn’t desperate and pathetic enough to try and squeeze out a few hits from my dozen loyal readers, and to mooch some possible Google-juice.

Of course, they didn’t realize it was pretty painless for me to zap the comments (though one night they left 120 messages. That took about 10 minutes to fix.) But lately it’s been onesy-twosy spam posts to old entries in the archive. Since I get email notification delivered to my phone, I could remove the posts the moment they showed up. Still, annoying.

And one thing for sure, whoever is doing this takes the time to use a lot of proxies. The list of IP addresses is impressive. An IP-based block for my current pest wouldn’t ever work. Open proxies are a boon to jerks, but what else is new?

Luckily my spammer is stupid in other ways, so with about 10 minutes of effort, I added a spam-filter which automatically bins the spam. I wish I could go into details, but on the less than 1% chance the person ever reads this, I don’t want to tilt my hand. I know this battle can only escalate over time, but I’m hoping it will escalate very, very slowly. It was tempting to have the filter trigger a response to the comment post with a Goatse picture or something, but that would only let them know they had to change tactics.

There’s some great things about the Internet, but sadly it gives the bottom 2% of humanity a tremendous reach.

Oh, and don’t worry, that Goatse link above is to very work-safe Wikipedia.

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