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October 7th, 2004 · No Comments · Advertising, Subway

As seen on a subway ad for Dove Massage Body Wash:

“One massage pearl for every nanny you’ve paid more than you make.”

Two things I’d like to point out to the advertising agency who make this sign:

  1. This is a subway ad. Not exactly the high priced nanny demographic last time I checked.
  2. This also makes no sense, since I can’t pay someone more than I make.

I also caught a glimpse of this ad, run by the MTA, asking riders to “contribute to cleaner subway.”:

At first glance, I thought the picture was the top of a stick of deodorant.

I mean, there is some resemblance:

But no, it’s just a trash can. I like my version more. At least it would make sense.

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