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September 15th, 2004 · No Comments · Customer Service, Sidekick, Stupidity

Monday’s email from T-Mobile (translated into honestese):

Dear Sidekick user:

We’re making a special, limited time offer to allow existing Sidekick customers to upgrade their phones for only $200 (instead of $300.) Sweet, eh?

In spite of the fact that Sidekick users are generally web-savvy folks, and even though as a cellular provider, you’d think we’d understand the technology, we’ve decided that allowing people to order their upgrade via a web page would just be too damn convenient. Instead, you must call an 800 number!

And to make things more exciting, we’ve only hired a few operators. So expect lots of busy signals!

Oh, by the way, this offer expires in two weeks, or until we run out of Sidekicks, so good luck, and hope you have speed dial!

Tuesday’s email from T-Mobile (similarly translated into honestese):

Holy smokes! Who knew people would actually want to take us up on that offer! For the small percentage of you who could actually get through, we hope you enjoyed the 30 to 60 minutes on hold. For the rest of you, did you like our “Due to the high volume of calls, we cannot take your call” recording? Or how about the fast busy signals? Or even the misleading “This number is not available from your area.”

We know that many of you have been trying over and over again, for over two days, and we think that’s great. Keep trying!

Did we mention that you have limited time to call? Hope we don’t run out!

Wednesday’s email from T-Mobile (translated into more honestese):

We ran out of new Sidekicks! You are screwed! So no product for you, and we hope you enjoyed the frustrating experience. We will email you again when we have more, so we can do the whole thing all over again.

We hope this poorly executed, aggravating promotion has shown how much we value you as a customer, and how good our service is!

Good thing I managed to get through early Wednesday afternoon, after dialing every 15 minutes.

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