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September 2nd, 2004 · No Comments · Uncategorized

If there is one thing which makes clear what is deeply wrong with the current administration, it is this – loyalty oaths:

On Sunday evening, my friend Julie and I met each other around the corner from Roseland Ballroom and went straight to the ticket booth to collect our invitations. “Do you pledge your allegiance to George W. Bush?” asked the woman sternly, holding our shiny, silver and black invites aloft and out of reach.

“Yes,” said Julie, a liberal, Jewish, Berkeley graduate who had spent the morning marching up Seventh Avenue for abortion rights. “I pledge allegiance to George W. Bush.”

The woman then turned to me.

“Um, yes! I pledge my allegiance to George W. Bush!”

All this to go to a party where the Bush twins are. Basically all “public” events where any administration official will appear require anyone who wants to attend to sign forms endorsing and promising to vote for Bush. And this isn’t new to convention, either, it’s been going on for awhile.

Pledging allegiance to our leaders, to individuals, isn’t democracy. It’s fascism. We are loyal to our country, but our leaders are our employees. And can you trust leaders who only surround themselves with people who have promised to support them?

If I were a loyal Republican of many years, I would be deeply offended by this. George W. Bush is supposed to be serving his party and his country, not the other way around.

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