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Dogwalking in a winter wonderland

January 15th, 2004 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Sometimes, when snow falls on Manhattan it is a beautiful thing. A fresh falling snow makes the city both quiet and clean looking, even if only for a moment. Last nights fluffy, gentle snow turned out to be a delight. Walking the dog was a pleasure, especially with Leo’s unabashed enthusiasm for the snow.

It wasn’t long before Leo’s shaggy coat looked like someone had sprinkled glitter in it. It was hard for people not to look at this tiny, four-legged yeti with the sparkling fur and yellow boots strutting his stuff in the snow, smiling like only a dog can smile, and not chuckle.

We took an extra long walk, pausing frequently to let him roll, dig and generally run amok in the snow as best he could on a tether. As we headed towards home, I considered getting up early the next morning so that I could take him to the dog run while the snow was still fresh.

And then it hit me. I was thinking about sacraficing some sleep so my dog could have some fun in the morning. Who would have guessed this a year ago? Not me.

Of course, I dismissed the idea as being nuts. But I did consider it. It’s the thought that counts, or something.

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