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January 7th, 2004 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Thanks to my watchful virtual neighbor T.S. who alerted me that my Bloglet feed was broken, I made several happy discoveries.

The first one was that I had completely forgotten that I had signed up with Bloglet. Bloglet is a service that allows people to subscribe by email to your blog. Sort of like my old “Nosuch Direct” feature which has been broken since my host move. I tested out Bloglet in it’s earliest incarnation. The good thing about it was the ability for people to subscribe to several blogs through the service, and get a single email with updates. That seemed very reader-friendly to me. The bad thing about it was it could only support blogs that were signed up to Bloglet. So the usefulness as a centralized service was pretty small. And adding a blog to Bloglet was a bit of a pain. So, I never really promoted it.

The second discovery was that Bloglet has become a lot more useful. Now it supports any blog or site with an RSS feed, so your blog authors no longer need to explicitly sign up with Bloglet. So as a Bloglet user, you can have Bloglet act as a sort of email-based aggregator.

The Blogger service is very brain damaged about sending out emails, which is what used to drive the Nosuch direct email list. Frequently, and probably due to my dastardly habit of writing and publishing posts via time-machine, Blogger would get confused and send out multiple emails for the same post. Super annoying, and one of the reasons I haven’t tried to set up a new email list. Bloglet solves that, since it just looks at the RSS feed. You’ll notice a way to sign up to Bloglet in the side-bar. Yes, you must trust them with your email address, but there’s a simple privacy policy which insures nothing untoward will be done. You will get no other emails other than the blog updates, and your address won’t be sold or disclosed. Good enough for me, and I’m a foaming paranoid.

For the real propeller-head crowd, you might be wondering the utility of using an email-based aggregator. That’s when I made my third discovery: Bloglet and devices like my T-Mobile Sidekick work very well together. Now I can send some of my favorite blogs to my phone so I can read them during odd times, like on the subway or on the can. Sure, some of those time I have wireless connectivity, but it’s just faster and easier to deal with email. It’s super handy.

So to the handful of former Nosuch Direct subscribers, who in truth are probably glad not to have more junk in their in-boxes, especially my drivel, please consider signing up with Bloget using the form in the sidebar. Consider it the “New and improved Nosuch Direct:” it’s not just for Nosuch anymore.

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