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New York City meets Munich

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December 25th, 2003 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I wonder what people thought as I was doing my Christmas shopping, walking down the street clutching three large shopping bags, each boldly proclaiming the logo and name of a different store: Victoria’s Secret, Pleasure Chest and Religous Sex.

Perhaps it was “there goes a pervert.” They would be right. But a happy pervert.

I shopped other places too, but I shoved those purchases in one of the three bags. You can fit quite a bit into three large shopping bags. And shopping in New York City involves a lot of walking and carrying.

In case you were wondering, the contents were a nightgown and robe, vibrators (big and little) and shoes. Respectively. She also got some comfy slippers and some non-computer games.

Basically, I bought gifts selfishly. I’ll enjoy all of the gifts in tandem with her. This isn’t a bad thing. It helps that we like the same stuff, though for different reasons, in some cases.

Except the Godiva chocolates in her stocking. If I try to take one I might lose a finger. But that’s allowed.

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