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December 10th, 2003 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Conny View definition in a new window’s parents managed to arrive last Friday, the day New York would decide to break a record for the biggest snowfall in early December. The good news is it only made them about two hours late. The bad news is I was getting Leo groomed the same day to prepare for their arrival. The grand-pup must be all clean and fresh, after all.

Outside the groomer’s in Chelsea, while the pup waited inside, I had to run around like a deranged snow monkey trying to find a taxi to get the dog home. There was no way I was walking twenty blocks home in blowing snow, especially with a dog who is supposed to be clean now. Of course, lots of taxi drivers are leery of dog passengers, and they don’t have to take them. And driver wants a wet dog in his taxi.

I finally managed to find an empty one, and began to plead my case.

“In that store, at the end of this block, is a clean, fresh dog. He is completely dry. I need to get him home.”

The drivers shakes his head. “No dog.”

“He is clean. He is dry. He just had a bath and he doesn’t shed. He doesn’t bark.”

More head shaking. “No.”

“I will pay you $20 over the meter.”

The head stops shaking. “Where are you going?”

It took an hour to drive those twenty blocks. $1 extra per block to get that dog home relatively clean and dry. But we did it.

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