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December 8th, 2003 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Fellow New Yorkers will be pleased to know that I’ve taken the necessary steps to insure that we won’t be seeing any more snow for quite some time.

I bought my dog some new boots.

Now that I am prepared for the snow, there will be none. Much like how carrying an umbrella will prevent rain. Though the effect is better if you actually spend money in preparing, in my experience.

No need to thank me.

Leo’s old boots aren’t staying on so well. A combination of his enthusiasm for dashing through the snow with lackluster velcro and poor closure design turns walks into a game of “find the booty”. And by “booty” I don’t mean the good kind. I mean the boot-booty kind.

Before anyone gets afraid that I have turned into the kind of oddball who takes delight in dressing his dog (and Leo also has a raincoat, I must confess) realize that there are two good reasons for the paw-wear: Wet wheatens are no fun in the apartment, and the salt and de-icers cause all sorts of problems for the pup’s tender peds.

It’s just a handy side-effect that he looks so cool in his kicks.

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