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December 2nd, 2003 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Now that everyone has an iPod, or at least everyone cool, a good gift to get an iPod owner are some decent headphones. Let’s face it, the ones that come with the iPod are crap. Not only do they sound bad, but wearing them is like shoving a stack of nickels in your ear. Painful.

I’ve discovered the Sony MDR EX71 Fontopia headphones are a fantastic replacement if you go for earbud style headphones. These guys take a little getting used to, because they are basically silicone rubber ear plugs. They go all the way in your ear, and the pressure of the rubber tube not only keeps them comfortably in place, it also blocks outside sound. This is a good thing, because you don’t need to crank the music as loud to mask outside sound. It can be a bad thing in that you really are cutoff from the outside world with these babies in. When I mute the music, I still have to pop the headphones out to hear people talk.

The sound quality is great too. Because the drivers are so close to your eardrum, you get decent bass and great clarity. And these are by far the most comfortable earbuds I’ve ever worn.

The cord is very short, with an included extension. If you use the iPod remote clipped anywhere near your lapel, you won’t need the extension and you’ll appreciate the short cord. Otherwise you just add the extension. Sony is nice enough to include one useful case that just covers the earbuds, and one larger case that you can shove the headphones and cord into.

For $50, these are great headphones. Just be sure to keep your ears clean, though. Otherwise your headphones are going to get nasty. Q-Tips are not included with the headphones.

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