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December 1st, 2003 · No Comments · Uncategorized

My in-laws were astute enough to realize that I would be the perfect candidate for a gift that combines silliness, technology and gaming. And so, for my birthday this past Sunday, I received Eye Toy for Playstation 2.

This clever game/gadget consists of a USB camera which plugs into your PS2. A game that is Eye Toy aware then uses the camera as a controller, as well as a means to place the video of your frantically swinging body into the game itself.

It sounds strange, and it is strange. But it is also fun. The games that come with the Eye Toy are rather simple, but they also demonstrate some clever uses of the camera. High scores, for instance, include a picture of the player which you get to pose for. Player profiles gather three shots of the player, happy, sad, and “weird”. During multiplayer, the game will show the players profile picture with his or her score, adjusting to use the appropriate face depending on who is winning and losing.

The games aren’t deep, and a single game rarely lasts more than two or three minutes. This is actually a good thing, because when you are swinging your arms around like a lab monkey, you get a little tired. The Eye Toy games are hardly compelling, but they make great fodder for party games. Easy to learn and short, they are almost more fun to watch someone play than to play. Certainly less draining to watch, in any case.

I wonder how long it will be before there’s a video chat “game” which combines the PS2 Internet connection with the Eye Toy? It could be the killer sex chat tool. Definitely rated M.

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