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November 28th, 2003 · No Comments · Uncategorized

There is no justice.

I’ll confess to being awash in domestic bliss for the part year or so. And now that ConnyWho is Conny? is working, we’ve settled even deeper into comfortable routine. This, in and of itself, isn’t a bad thing. But we’re just not partaking of the kinky nightlife like we used to.

Mostly because we are lazy, frankly. Kinking it up at home is much easier. But it isn’t the same thing.

I blame most of this on the lack of good, reliable fetish parties. I can recall a of good friend and kink sensei Jeff observing while we all got down at Gomorrah saying “Enjoy this while you can, because nothing lasts in the scene.” And he was right. Gomorrah, our favorite of all parties, even with it’s extremely work-unfriendly Wednesday night slot, was something Conny View definition in a new window and I managed to get to fairly regularly.

It wasn’t until Gomorrah was gone that we realized how special it was. In fairness, Master Steelow has been doing a lot to keep the kink party home fires burning. But he’s been forced to move venues quite a bit, and some of those venues just haven’t worked out. For us, we need some degree of comfort and familiarity at a party space before we can get down and dirty.

Of course, in order for us to get familiar, that means we need to get out and give things a try. Therein is the next difficulty. Kink parties tend to be poorly timed for those of us who need to get up in the morning for work. Wednesday or Thursday nights are hard. Friday nights are better, and Steelow’s been doing that now, but for us old married folks (admittedly not the main part of the target demographic) after a long week of work, sometimes the snuggly comfort of bed on a Friday night is more appealing than wriggling into fetishwear and venturing out at 11 PM.

So I was very happy to see Steelow was offering a Saturday night party this weekend! Finally, we could be well rested and charged up. And it will be at the Pussycat Lounge, a space we haven’t been to yet, so there’s hope of a venue that feels right. Between you me and the lamppost, domination and submission play is much more intense with an audience. And it’s been too long…

…and now I am still too sick to go this Saturday. I have to stay home to rest and recover, so I can hopefully stagger out to celebrate the my turning 35 on Sunday.

Damn, damn, damn.

There is no justice.

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