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Set cellphones to ‘stun’

November 19th, 2003 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Does holding a small microwave emitter next to your head on a regular basis have health risks? Of course not! Have some more weekend minutes with your plan. How about a second phone at a discount?

Though, perhaps there is a little evidence of cell phone usage health risks. At times like this I am reminded of the Romans, who avidly used lead in their plumbing, blissfully unaware they were poisoning themselves. Different age, different poisons.

I don’t think there’s a huge risk here, but like many things, duration of exposure and age of the person exposed are surely significant. You may be skeptical that the low power emissions could possibly have any effect, but I’ve seen the effects first hand. People who hold a cellphone up to their head walk much slower than people who don’t. And it’s really annoying.

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