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November 18th, 2003 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I have heard it said that if you forget the hype, and view it on its own merits, the Matrix Revolutions is a good action movie.

This, friends, is a lie.

The film is stylish, yes. Some nice effects, no argument there. But everything else is just a pile of poop. The dialog is leaden and full of cliches. The characters aren’t even two-dimensional now, they collapse into a mere one-dimensional point. The resolution of the trilogy is between trite and an exercise in reading entrails.

If you don’t mind spoilers, here’s a thoughtful, detailed review of why Matrix Revolutions just doesn’t work.

Read the abridged script for the Matrix, or the abridged script of Matrix Reloaded or the abridged script of the Matrix Revolutions.

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