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August 12th, 2003 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Generally I don’t expect to see the phrase “heavy vaginal bleeding” on a subway ad. But I guess subway commuters make a good target market for drugs. Seeing that the folks selling street drugs can’t buy advertising, us strap hangers are left with reading ads for prescription drug companies. In some of the not-fine-enough-print are some real delightful possible side effects.

The ad in this case was for a “morning after” pill, a pill a woman can take as an emergency contraceptive. If taken within 72 hours after sex, it can prevent pregnancy. Indeed a useful option in those cases where, as someone once said, “mistakes were made.”

The name of this drug?


I am not shitting you.

I have it on good sources that the focus group that came up with that gem selected above this short list of other possible names.

  • Cancellam

  • Oopsia

  • Undoital

  • miBad

  • Ejectol

  • Unbangin

  • Removex

  • O-Crapcia

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