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August 11th, 2003 · No Comments · Uncategorized

So a guy walks into a comic book store in Dallas, Texas. He goes into the adult section of the store, where signs are posted that no minors are allowed. He picks up a comic book, a pretty explicit comic book. After all, it’s in the adult comic section. He goes up to the clerk working the counter, and he pays for the comic book.

Then a cop comes in and arrests the clerk on an obscenity charge. For selling an adult comic, to an adult.

Ha ha!

It is even more hilarious because they arrest the guy behind the register. Isn’t that hilarious? Here’s a guy, earning a few bucks in a comic shop, and they decide he is a criminal. Not the publisher, not the distributor, not the store owner, but the whoever happens to ring up the sale.

In Texas, I guess that’s what you call “law enforcement.” Go after the little guy, because anyone else might be able to afford a lawyer. Or maybe then it would be too obvious how this violates the First Amendment.

But it gets better!

The poor guy goes to court. The defense has several people testify in defense of the comic book. Yes, it has sexually explicit parts, but it is not obscene, since for something to be obscene, it must lack any artistic merit, and have no meaningful message.

The prosecutor does not challenge this testimony. Instead, he simply offers that comic books are clearly meant for kids, no matter what anyone else says, and that the store is sort of close to a grade school.

That’s his entire case.

Ha ha!

But it gets better!

The jury buys this! They convict him! In Texas, I guess that’s what you call “justice.”

Someone should round up the prosecutor and the jury, lock them all in a room, take a rolled up copy of the Bill of Rights, and beat the ever-loving stupidity right out of their dense, pointy heads.

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