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August 7th, 2003 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I know some day robots will rule the earth, but until that day, I say make ’em work for it. That’s why I splurged for a Roomba automated vacuum system. That’s right, it’s a robot that vacuums the floor. Vacuuming is a chore neither I or ConnyWho is Conny? seem to find time for, with all the good stuff on TiVo and all. Our dog Leo initially showed promise as a great hunter with his strange compulsion to eat the roaming dusty bunnies. Alas, even a dog as energetic as Leo couldn’t keep up with the massive tumbleweeds blowing around our floors. I had to do something, and hauling a vacuum out on a regular basis just wasn’t it.

As far as robot slaves go, the Roomba isn’t bad. He is more like a unionized robot slave, though. He mostly sits around all day, never taking the initiative to start cleaning up on his own. I have to take him out and tell him to clean. I think Roomba has some sort of drug or drinking problem, too, after watching the bizarre way he does the floors. It’s not very efficient, but he is thorough. Emptying out his dust tray, because the shop steward won’t let him empty his own dust cup, revealed he does a good job too. Still, I would think I wouldn’t have to carry my robot slave back to his bed after he works, but I guess we can accept a few compromises for version 1.

Leo and Roomba get along great. Roomba ignores Leo, and Leo is terrified of Roomba. Probably because he realizes Roomba can eat more dust bunnies than he can.

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