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What’s been on the boob tube at Chez Nosuch, you ask?

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Not just another makeover show, but as the Fab 5 would say, a “make better” show. I’d say that’s a fair assessment. The show works because the boys are funny and each episode has a different goal. It’s not about just glamming up the squares with new haircuts and wardrobes, but helping them approach some event in their life with more style and grace. Mostly, it’s a show which highlights what can be done with a little thoughtfulness.

Is it a gay minstrel show? Does it only pander to stereotypes? Frankly, I don’t think so. I don’t think any of the Fab 5 are doing anything less genuine than any other person on television, and I do think there is wide diversity in their personalities. (I have read elsewhere someone bemoaning that there are no “bears” in the Fab 5. Get in line sugar, there are no “leather men” either. The best we can ever hope for is diversity, not all inclusiveness.)

What I do know is I laugh a lot at the gently biting wit of the Fab 5, and I’m almost always impressed at the results they bring about at the end of the show. It is good fun.

Sex and the City

Though the style director of this show continues to float farther and farther away from reality, dressing up the ladies in anything short of a clown suit (though the season isn’t over yet), there’s been some very funny stuff on this final season.

Just in case there’s any lingering questions, it is clear that the good womanWho is the good woman? and I are complete saps. When Charlotte and Harry got back together, and he proposed, we both shed a tear. Yep. It’s that bad around here. You’ve been warned.

Big Brother 4

A guilty pleasure, but without much pleasure, I must confess. Conny View definition in a new window infected me with this colossal waste of time last season, so I blame her.

I started off this season extremely cynical. Watching Big Brother is like getting to watch a sporting event, but only through highlights. But the person who puts the highlights together doesn’t really show the game, but instead, presents a narrative. A false narrative. This is necessary so each show can end with a “zinger.” This means you can almost guess the outcome of every show by following this formula: the more footage they show about a potential, the less likely it is to happen.

I suppose the real way to appreciate the true game is to watch all the live feeds available online, so you can have reasonably uncensored access to the wheelings and dealings of the house. But, no thanks, I have my own life to live.

This year the gimmick is they surprised the contestants by putting in ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends. So five of the people had to deal with an ex.

What this really means is the casting pool was a bit shallow, and it shows. What are the odds of someone wanting to get on a show like Big Brother having an ex that the producers could then track down and get to go on the show? (Mind you, without knowing why they were selected.) That’s got to be a fairly small group of people. A small group of stupid people, it turns out.

We have no clever secret alliances. We have no smooth talkers. We have no clever deal makers. We basically have no game.

But I watch it anyway, just so I can be annoyed. It’s not all bad.

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