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May 29th, 2003 · No Comments · Uncategorized

It happens about once a week, I think. First, you can hear a faint hum and static, the a voice comes over the office loudspeakers:

“Can I have your attention, please. Can I have your attention, please,” the voice says. “This is a test of the building’s public address system. One. Two. Three. One. Two. Three. This concludes the test of the building’s public address system. Thank you, and have a safe day.”

I appreciate that they need to test the building P.A. That’s fine. Important, even. But they don’t need my attention for it. It’s like saying “Listen up, people. You can ignore what I am saying.” or “Hey! Never mind!”

Because of this, people never listen to announcements when they are made. Everyone assumes it’s just a test, since tests are much more common than real announcements.

The situation wasn’t helped at all by what they did last time. After the usual: “Can I have your attention please. This is a test…” there followed an actual announcement.

I think that building security actually has a goal of making sure we tune out the P.A. system, and they are doing a fine job of it.

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