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May 14th, 2003 · No Comments · Uncategorized

We saw the Matrix Reloaded last night, and how we got to see it before it opened is a story in itself. But first things first.

The official terse review of the Matrix Reloaded, 100% spoiler free: Exquisitely crafted techno-geek kung-fu videogame rollercoaster that has no room for subtlety – it’s a fast, thrilling ride after the first hill, but it in the end it goes nowhere.

I had fun seeing it, and the filmmaking is amazing, but the narrative focus is gone. I felt like I was watching someone play a game on a Playstation 6. Instead of characters, we have bosses. Instead of conflict, we have contrivances. Instead of plot, we have levels.

Matrix Reloaded delivers its goods true to the franchise and will appeal to fans. But it feels like a huge second helping that has been heated too long in the microwave. Sometimes more of a good thing isn’t enough.

But you bet I’ll see the next one.

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