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April 4th, 2003 · No Comments · Uncategorized

One of the challenges of enjoying games of the non-Internet variety is getting people together to play. While it might just be possible, if you are enough of a geek, to have several friends who are interested in gaming, it can still be a problem of almost Hamiltonian proportions to find a schedule that will get all these people together at once, and long enough to actually play.

Last time my wife and I were perusing games of the analog variety at one of New York City’s finest game stores, Game Show in Greenwich Village, we saw a flyer for Board Stiff a gaming club that meets twice a month. Last Wednesday, we finally got around to going.

Not surprisingly, Conny View definition in a new window was the only woman in a room of about twenty guys. The volunteer running the meeting asked if we were new, and explained how things would work. At various tables, people had set up games, word games, strategy games, card games and other various board games. We could roam around and grab an empty seat at any game we wanted (thus people who show up on time get first pick.)

Since I didn’t want my feeble brain to burst, we picked something light and social to start with: Kill Dr. Lucky by Cheapass Games. It’s like “Clue” in reverse. Instead of trying to solve a murder, you try to commit one. Like “Clue,” it’s a combination board and card game, but the focus is less on analytics and much more plotting and scheming. The game is quite tongue-in-cheek and lots of fun. We managed to get two games in during the three hour meeting.

After committing the second homicide of the night, we were short enough time to kill again, so someone pulled out the card game Wizard, which is an unfortunate name for a card game. It really has nothing to do with wizards, or even Wizards of the Coast, but instead it’s a trick-taking game with a few interesting twists. We didn’t have time to play a full game, but after half a dozen hands, I was hooked.

On the ride home, Conny and I were both pleasantly surprised at how much fun we had. The meeting was well run, friendly, and fun. I know we’ll be going back again soon.

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