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April 2nd, 2003 · No Comments · Uncategorized

My apologies for taking such a long break without nary a peep. I hadn’t planned on taking a holiday, but it turns out it was precisely what was needed.

Sometimes it good for me to just shut up and listen, so I’ve held still my fingers to better hear myself. Trying to blog on a regular basis can be good therapy, but like real therapy some times it is work. It’s work I find very rewarding, though, so even when it gets hard, I’m not about to walk away. Intstead I try to figure out why it’s suddenly hard for me to write.

Here at Nosuch, I try to keep things reasonably light. When I go tilting, it is usually with tongue firmly in cheek at windmills of little importance. With recent events, it is hard to for me to blog, since every time I glance at a news site, or pick up the paper or God forbid see television news, my head explodes. It’s been a messy few weeks, and we’ve gone through a lot of paper towel.

And in case it was not obvious, yesterday wasn’t entirely true. I won’t point out which parts.

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