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March 3rd, 2003 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I consider Victoria’s Secret the “Gap” of lingerie stores: ubiquitous, acceptable for basics or in a pinch, and full of products of mediocre quality. But when the wallet is feeling too light for La Perla (which generally is all of the time) it can be fun to pop in and look around and what goes for “racy” in the vanilla world.

Victoria’s Secret owns the trademark to “Very Sexy”, in case you didn’t know.

I got a kick out of seeing Vicky’s pushing corsets a while back. I was conflicted though, realizing that my exotic, secret tastes are becoming mainstream. It also didn’t help that the corsets they were selling were crap. Not that you can’t have fun dressing up in a bit of crap now and then, though around this household we don’t mind spending a bit more money to get a good corset.

On this visit to Victoria’s Secret there were no corsets to be seen anywhere. Corsets are out, but paddles are in. That’s right, kids. You can now buy your very own Victoria’s Secret spanking paddle. You can just guess what shape the business end of the paddle is, too. Yep, it’s a heart. Getting paddled has never been so damn sweet.

The paddles were tucked in the “naughty” area of the large store we were in. Sandwiched between the day-to-day undies section and the racks of innocent sleepwear was a round room almost roped off. In it were the latest slightly pervy fashions from Victoria’s Secret, mostly designs evoking ladies underwear from a different era. There were some suggestive books for couples, some PG-13 photography books, long feathers, and the paddles too. It was all very, very naughty.

I wonder if the vice squads in Texas are keeping an eye on all this.

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