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February 14th, 2003 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I ordered her Valentine’s Day Gift six weeks ago. It is the perfect gift. If it had arrived much before Valentine’s Day, I probably would not have been able to contain myself and given it to her ahead of time. That’s what she did with her gift for me, you should know.

In our house, we generally don’t like to delay gratification. For most things, anyway.

For reasons much too tedious to get into, the gift is not here. It won’t be here for some time to come.

My good wife has taken the news quite well. She’s given me an extension. Just like when you get an extension with the IRS, I still need to pay something upfront. And of course there will be interest to pay later. But I am stuck, so I must cut a deal.

Luckily I have some means to distract the girl from the missing gift. As you might recall I gave ConnyWho is Conny? a remote controlled wearable vibrator for Christmas. Sadly, the second time we went to use it, it was dead. No buzz in buzzville. Kaput.

When I drop more than $100 on a sex toy, I usually expect more than one use.

Amazingly, the site that I got it from, MyPleasure.comCaution sign let me return the unit. We opted for credit instead of exchange, since we weren’t happy with the way the remote control worked. even threw in a $10 gift certificate. I can say quite honestly that is a good place to shop online for adult toys. They are the Amazon of vibrators.

A few days ago, we got the package with a variety of more traditional battery operated toys, and I will now take advantage of this delayed Christmas bounty to distract my love from the package that has yet to arrive.

I fear her real gift won’t be here for another four weeks, so excuse me while I run out and stock up on batteries.

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