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January 10th, 2003 · No Comments · Uncategorized

MidoriCaution sign has launched her own bondage web site, Beauty BoundCaution sign, and it sure looks stunning. Great models, amazing bondages, beautiful photography. No one does rope like Midori.

If you like very erotic bondage photography, you should go look.

In a recent newsletterCaution sign of hers, she wrote about a rather distressing experience she had with her luggage:

On December 23rd, I flew out of Washington DC airport on MidWest Express. I checked two bags. One contained exclusively play equipment and fetish wear. The ticket agent at the United desk handling the bags told me to keep the bags unlocked because of the new regulations. I followed the law changes and unlocked my bags. I arrived into SFO later that day. My bags did not arrive. No biggie, I thought, this has happened before. They put a search out and located the bags. It was delivered to my house the next day by Sterling Delivery Service after much delay. Later, when I opened my bags to unpack my toys, equipment, photo shoot items, etc. I found the bags ransacked and many, many items stolen.

…the airlines has tried to be as helpful as possible. TSA, Transportation Security Administration, however, has still not returned my call.

Under this new regulation, no one is accepting accountability or liability. They’re being quite cavelier about all this. I suppose I would not be affected or concerned either, if I had the private jet that the corporate giants and politicos have.

I am also concerned about this policy as a new security risk. Now we must trust total strangers with unsecured bags. If a person has the sort of ethics that would allow them to open a bag and steal things, what’s to prevent them from getting paid to put things into a bag or let a bag go by? Who else has access to the bags? This effort seems to me like a whole lot of wheel spinning to look like there’s effective security increase, when in reality it may open the door to creating greater chaos leading to greater potential risk to property and safety.

I’ll be writing to my congressional representative and major newspapers on this.

As we all should. What’s being done in the name of airport security these days is just getting more and more stupid and useless. I would cringe if I had to travel professionally these days, especially with any expensive gear (be it kinky or electronic, or both.)

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