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That’s a rake, not a scoop

December 18th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

ConnyWho is Conny? gave me a mini Zen rock gardening kit as one of my advent calendar gifts. It now sits on my desk at work, next to the Super Pocket Pooper, also a gift I received as part of my advent calendar.

When no one is watching me, I try to rake it. It’s a challenge, due to its diminutive size. The rake can only clear the rocks if they are dead center, which is a slight design gaff. I then get to enjoy the Zen experience of having trace amounts of sand on my desk all the time. Sort of like working on the beach. Peaceful.

Though, I think my appreciation for this meditative aid was diminished slightly when a colleague observed that my mini Zen rock garden looked like a tiny cat box.

Perhaps the proximity to the Super Pocket Pooper has a scatological influence on things around it.

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