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December 5th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

If a web site like the New York Times is going to assault me with pop under ads, could they at least throw some hardware at the ad server?

It’s adding insult to injury when an advertisement not only adds five to ten seconds to a page load, but also freezes the browser entirely until the ad loads. This happens to me all the time on a number of major sites. If a site has to advertise to pay their way, that’s fine. But please don’t use badly engineered ad servers which kill load times.

I also will never, ever understand a corporate site using a pop up ad. For instance, going to and being confronted with a pop up ad for something on Amazon. I am convinced that the managers and executives who insist that a “Free Shipping” promotion has to be in a pop up window instead of just listed on the web page itself have to be people who simply never open a web browser.

Either that, or there’s some serious cognitive dissonance going on: “God, pop up ads are so annoying. Except the pop ups on our site. Those pop ups are really cool!”

And speaking of pop ups, I’m considering eliminating the pop up for the Nosuch discussions. Instead, a page will load with the text of the post, and all the comments underneath. Thoughts?

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