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December 2nd, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I’ve written about what a great teacher Jack McGeorge is on all things kink. But kink isn’t the only field he’s an expert on. Jack is a consultant on matters of security regarding chemical and biological agents. Needless to say, lately he’s been getting a lot of work. In particular he’s involved with the U.N. inspection teams dealing with Iraq.

But over Thanksgiving, the Washington Post decided to get all huffy about Jack’s recreational activity, which he’s always been completely upfront about.

From Thursday’s Today’s Papers comes this blurb which sums it up pretty nicely:

The [Washington Post] fronts complaints from former weapons inspectors that the current Hans Blix-led team isn’t up to snuff. The Post says that the new inspectors apparently haven’t been given background checks. The WP focuses on one inspector who may not have sufficient expertise and, the Post emphasizes, likes to tie people up in his private time: He’s into S&M. The Post, which only names this one inspector, goes on for four paragraphs about the man’s sexual hobbies. The Post (at least online) also provides a picture of the inspector holding an unidentified, round, metal contraption; the photo is credited to “Leather University.”

Sure, it’s Thanksgiving. But did the WP have to give all of its editors the day off? Who cares if the inspector is into S&M? There’s no evidence that the guy’s sexual habits interfered with his work. And tip to the Post: S&M is typically consensual. So, why publish a story delving into the guy’s leather hobbies? It’s gratuitous and sleazy. The Post should apologize … and get 40 lashes.

It’s nice to see some ‘nilla press acknowledging what nonsense this is.

Luckily, the U.N. agrees that all this is a load of crap, and told Jack not resign from the assignment.

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