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November 29th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

My T-Mobile Sidekick broke Tuesday night. I now have a new one.

It cost me $15 to get it overnight. If I had called a bit earlier in the day, I would have had it on Wednesday. But between missing the shipping cutoff and the Thanksgiving holiday, I lost two days.

But I survived the cold sweats and the tremors, and now I have my ubergadget back. I clutch it tightly in my hands, relieved. No longer will I need to breathe in and out of a paper bag to stop the bouts of hyperventilation brought about by not having Google always at hand.

T-Mobile handled the my problem rather deftly, and I’m impressed.

Too bad I can’t get a steady signal here in Brewster. Without a signal, the Sidekick is not much more than a Gameboy with a QWERTY keyboard. Though, in fairness, the Sidekick does seem to get some signal sometimes, and it’s just enough to allow it to pull down emails occasionally, as well as resync my phone with all my data. Wireless data synchronization is a very sweet thing.

But I can forget using this thing as a phone or trying to get on the web or AIM while I’m here. Not that it matters. My fingers are so bloated from all the food that I can’t even begin to work the tiny keyboard.

Who needs the Internet when there’s some serious digesting to do?

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