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November 19th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

The good womanWho is this good woman? is a bit of a Heroes of Might and Magic III addict. Sadly, these types of afflictions are oft contagious, and sure enough I got the bug. We’ve wasted many hours clicking around maps, killing monsters, gathering treasure, attacking castles and the usual quasi-Dungeons and Dragons shtick. There was something strangely soothing about the game. The turn-based nature didn’t require intense focus or energy to play, so I’d end up playing for “just another 10 minutes” about a dozen times until I realized it was 3 am.

The spell was broken when I hit one very tedious and difficult scenario. I’m not a hugely patient guy, and after a few tries, I felt stuck. And that’s the death knell for a game for me. I got a lot of hours out of the game, though. Too many, in fact.

When Conny View definition in a new window discovered the latest edition of the game was just released for the Mac, I had a strange mix of excitement and dread. I need more diversions in my life like I need a heroin habit. Conny, however, was not to be deterred, though. The first quest of Heroes of Might and Magic IV for the Mac turns out to be finding it in a store.

Yes, lots of online outlets have it for sale, even the online Apple store has it. As New Yorkers, we want immediate gratification. We want it now. Or at least for the weekend. So ordering it online is out.

Calls are made. J&R, the Apple Store, CompUSA, none of them have it. No luck at Game Spot. The curse of the Mac gamer has rears its head yet again. There is no joy in Macville. Life is so much easier for PC gamers.

But technically, we are PC gamers too. I have a beefed up Dell with a good graphics card. I’ve played a ton of Half-Life and Aliens Vs. Predator on it. But the PC is set up in a really bad way, making it unpleasant to use for more than a short period. And it’s doubly unpleasant for two people to work around.

So maybe our frustration for failing to get our Mac game fix could be fixed if I make the PC more enjoyable to play games on.

The challenge is the size of the apartment. There’s no room for a decent desk and chair. Especially with the giant television taking up so much space.

Hmm. Giant television. The same giant television which makes our Playstation 2 so much fun. Too bad we can’t use it for the PC display.

Or can we?

A quick trip to CompUSA, and one video converter, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse and Heroes of Might and Magic IV for Windows later, and we’ve made the Dell into a very expensive console.

Admittedly, the resolution is limited to 800 by 600, and even then, it’s a bit off. Small text is an effort to read. Luckily most games don’t use a lot of small text any way. It’s hardly perfect, but it’s much better than before. I get to sit in a nice overstuffed living room chair, and Conny gets to backseat drive from the comfort of the couch. Gaming bliss through better engineering, and with the added benefit of immediate gratification to boot.

And don’t tell Conny, but the porno web sites look great on a big TV.

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