Mistakes were made

New York City meets Munich


November 18th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I told her that at 11PM, we had to go out for a short walk. We’d bring the dog, but that wasn’t the point of the walk. I had something to show her. A surprise.

That hour is usually bed time for my girl. Never mind that it wasn’t exactly warm outside, nor would it be warmer at an hour before midnight. But her eyes lit up, and she was game. That’s my girl.

So walk we did, to the pier one long block west of our apartment. Leo trotted along cheerfully on his leash, happy as always to take in the sights and smells of the city. Since we lacked the plush fur coat of our four-legged friend, we opted for layers of warm winter clothing and a brisk pace to keep the chill at bay.

At the end of the pier, we turned around, and looked to the sky.

“Fireworks?” she asked.

“Sort of.”

Though the moon was full, and the lights of the city cut much into the dark of the night, our patience was rewarded. Conny View definition in a new window saw her first shooting star, thanks to the Leonid meteor show, which peaked last night.

Now we just have to wait for the wishes to come true.

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