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November 13th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

This article in the Wall Street Journal on a spammer confirms that not only are spammers sleazeballs, they aren’t even competent liars. From the first part of the article, we have this:

Ms. Betterly says she follows a lot of the rules laid out by most of the state laws: She doesn’t forge or falsify the message headers; she doesn’t use a third-party company’s Internet address or domain name unknowingly; she lets people opt out or unsubscribe to future mailings. Still, she doesn’t put a specific label (“ADV” for advertisement) at the beginning of her subject lines, which some state laws require.

But later on, the technical guy for the company reveals otherwise:

From the PC in his tidy two-bedroom Tampa apartment, Chris Connell, the company’s computer expert, recently launched a large, promising campaign for Ms. Betterly… He hunts for new ways to get around software that tries to filter out spam and to get people to open his e-mails. He labors over a message’s subject line; he’s found people are more likely to open e-mail if it appears to be from a real person, so he types his friends’ names on “from” lines. “The trick is to make it look personal,” he said as he tapped out commands on his computer. “You want to make it look like it comes from the guy in the cubicle down the hall.”

Sounds pretty falsified to me. The “From” part of an email is part of the header, and this asshole is admitting to falsifying it. Book him, Danno. Or at least beat the ever-loving shit out of him.

And if these crooks really care about people opting-out, if someone is a running a spam filter, isn’t that a clear “opt out” that should be respected?

Another huge surprise: unless there’s two Laura Betterlys in Dunedin Florida, she’s a frickin’ Scientologist to boot. Explains a lot about her sense of morality and ethics.

If only the anti-spam lobby had the resources of the entertainment lobby, the world would be a better place.

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