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New York City meets Munich

Get that torch away from me

November 1st, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Certainly having any sports-fan inclination purged to make room for all things geek doesn’t help things, but I sense most New Yorkers share my sentiment:

We don’t want the stinking Olympics in New York City.

There’s already enough to do, enough reasons for tourists to come, enough frickin’ people here. New York City has nothing to prove. Let San Francisco have it. I’m sure there’s plenty of blocks of empty dot-com offices that could be demolished and turned into stadiums. Here in Manhattan we don’t have time for that crap.

Cities that host the Olympics take a big financial gamble with state money. In this economy, in my home town, I don’t want to see that bet taken. We could end up with a huge debt and a bunch of facilities no one needs or wants.

Who’s idea is this, any way? I’m sure there’s a group of people who stand to make oodles of money if it were to happen. I’m sure they are really keen on the idea. But something of this magnitude should come from a public mandate. I bet if the question of the Olympics were put on the upcoming ballot, it would be soundly rejected.

I like the Olympics on television, where it belongs, not in my city.

And really, with all the shit going on, can’t some other country host the giant bullseye for international terrorist nutjobs to go after? We don’t need more reasons to be paranoid here in the Big Apple.

Yeah, yeah, the Olympics is real swell stuff and all that. It’s all a terribly moving, rah-rah patriotic moment of glory, etc, etc. Just go do it somewhere else.

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