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October 31st, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

The winner of the Nosuch Second Anniversary contest is Evan of Far Beyond the Stars. He will be receiving some fine Nosuch swag to fulfill his dream, which he shared with me in his entry:

Tell me if I win, because I really want one of those messenger bags, thus advertising your site to my parents, which will no doubt go read it and say “what the hell is my son reading on the internet?” Eventually they’ll click around your links, and of course the name “Far Beyond The Stars” will catch their eye because it is a brilliant name if I say so myself. They’ll then read that which will probably result in my getting thrown out in the street, or at least excluded from communal dinners, which would probably be the best thing that could happen to me right now. Does it sound like I want to win or something?

I like to make wishes come true.

For your reading pleasure, some warmed over Nosuch entries that were selected as less foul than most of the other crap I write by some of the contestants:

Here at Nosuch, I’m hard at work trying to prove that you don’t really need a million monkeys and an infinite amount of time. Just a single monkey and a blog can periodically squeeze out something that’s not feces.

Many thanks to all who took time to enter. Your consolation prize is my solemn promise to try to post in a more timely fashion. Honest.

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