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October 18th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I have a new baby. I am in love. I have found pure gadget joy.

I am now the owner of a Danger Hiptop, or the more blandly branded T-Mobile Sidekick (note that I cannot link to Sidekick specific page on the T-Mobile site, because it’s a brain-damaged site. Smooth move, T-Mobile!). Whatever you call it, it’s the bee’s knees. For everything that was wrong about my Kyocera Smartphone, the Sidekick is right. Or right for me, at least.

What makes the big difference? Three things:

  • Always on, flat-rate Internet, which is generally better than the 14.4k of typical cellular Internet speed,
  • A good keyboard,
  • A better display.

I can really blog on this thing. Maybe it will solve my recent recurring bouts of serious blogstipation.

And nothing beats sending an instant message from the can. Now I can keep my wife properly informed of my progress.

I know I’ve traded Sprint PCS, the worlds worst cellular company, for T-Mobile, who is almost as despised, but I don’t think T-Mobile can screw up such a fine product.

Once I can get SSH to work on this thing, I’ll be in pure nerdvana.

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