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October 15th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Because of my sheer laziness deep humility, I have neglected to mention how my “Welcome to the Scene” presentation went for T.E.S.What is T.E.S? last Wednesday.

Against advice from counsel, who says until the case is settled I should stay quiet, I’ll tell you what happened. Frankly, I feel there was no need for the police to intervene in the first place. You would think they’d have something better to do on Wednesday night. And tasering the audience was over the line, no matter what anyone says. I think the novice group moderators were doing a fine job with the fire hose keeping the somewhat unruly crowd at bay, but with all the smoke in the room I might have been wrong. All I know is as long as I kept swinging the chair around, people were keeping a respectful distance.

But, other than that, it went really well.

(Kidding aside, there was a big turnout and a lively crowd. I think fun was had by all. I know I had a blast. And kudos to the novice group moderators, who managed the large circle discussion afterwards with aplomb.)

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