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New York City meets Munich


September 17th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

The tricky part about celebrating Conny’sWho is Conny? birthday today is finding something that her visiting family and friends from Munich can enjoy. Most of the things I’d like to do for her on her birthday might not be oodles of fun for them, with the language difficulties and all. For today, our aspirations will be a bit more humble. We’ll take in more of the city with the folks, specifically Central Park, and enjoy the beautiful day and the fact that they can be here with us.

Conny View definition in a new window will have to get her real birthday treat from me after they go on Friday. Looks like she’s going to get two birthdays this year. Poor her.

The smart thing about getting married three days before my wife’s birthday is the amount of days I have to remember. It’s sort of the personal version of moving holidays to a Monday. It’s convenient. Maybe in a few years, I can even consolidate the birthday gift with the anniversary gift.

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