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New York City meets Munich


September 9th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Fellow New Yorker Tom Tomorrow said it better than I can:

The anniversary’s a week away, and already we’re getting saturation coverage on cable news. Images of the attack will be replayed so continually over the next week, they might as well just cancel their regular shows and run a constant loop–the fire, the collapse, the gasps and cries, until it all completely loses meaning, like a word you’ve repeated too many times in short succession.

Almost every day for the past year, I am directly confronted with what happened almost a year ago. There is no way I can forget. On the 11th, I will specifically avoid television, and instead keep the day one of personal and quiet observance.

And damn it, every New Yorker I talk to says the same thing: the best thing to build on the Trade Center site are two new towers, even taller than before. What better tribute to honor those we lost? Everything else seems like tucking our tails between our legs and trying to forget.

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