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September 6th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Scott of Fuzzyblog made a sensible request about the Nosuch Direct feature which sends Nosuch posts directly to people by email:

You should change your output so that a copyable text permalink is shown in the text of the message so other bloggers (well me since i’m the only subscriber) can blog it easily.

Since this is a request by almost 100% of the Nosuch Direct user base, I felt it was important. And especially since it’s a feature which would encourage linking, and I’m a complete link whore.

Alas, I cannot do it. I tried a few hacks, which failed, and I can’t find anyone who’s written about including a permalink in a BlogSend. And the way Blogger does the BlogSend it seems like I’m screwed. Blogger doesn’t evaluate Blogger tags in a post, but only on the template, and the template isn’t use to make the email. I’m out of ideas, other than to hope Ev adds the permalink in the BlogSend email.

Since I cannot address this simple and useful suggestion, I will use some misdirection and lash out, hoping to conceal the limitations of Blogger.

Hey now, what’s up with Userland Radio? Take a look at some of these stupid Userland Radio URLs (all of which point to fine blogs):

Those are clearly not meant for humans. How I am supposed to remember those? At least Blog*Spot gives people a chance to pick a name that can be remembered. URLs should always be human-friendly. Otherwise, why not just use a stinkin’ IP address? (I know if you use a host other than Userland, you can have a proper URL. Or cobble together some DNS redirect nonsense, which is less bad, but not perfect.)

And while I’m at it, what’s with that awful Userland Radio calendar interface for archived posts? Click any one of those Radio weblog links to see the calendar used to navigate previous posts. Why does it suck? Imagine you are visiting a Radio weblog for the first time, you want to go back a bit and get some history. The calendar interface makes you click about nine million times. Recently I was trying to find a post on a friend’s Radio weblog, and I gave up. It was so tedious to go back, one post at a time, looking for it.

So hopefully all that bitching and moaning will distract people from my direct email problem.

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