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September 5th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

We’re Christian, we’re conservative, we live in Miami, and we’re bigots who don’t want silly laws getting in our way (NY Times username: mrnosuch, password: nosuch):

More than two decades after the campaign by the entertainer Anita Bryant to overturn one of the country’s first gay rights ordinances divided Miami and cast the city as a symbol of intolerance, voters will face the issue again on Tuesday.

Conservative Christian groups have placed a measure on the ballot to repeal a Miami-Dade County ordinance approved four years ago protecting gays from discrimination.

Proponents of repeal, led by a group called Take Back Miami-Dade and supported by the Christian Coalition of Miami-Dade County and other conservative religious groups, say the ordinance extends unnecessary protection to people with deviant lifestyles.

So much for hate the sin, love the sinner. Maybe they should go after the Catholic Church, I hear there’s a couple of deviants in there too.

The real deviants are people who use a book like the Bible to prop up their own fear of sexuality, and use it to advocate in favor of discrimination. How can a moral person want to encourage people to be discriminated against?

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