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August 29th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Four months, ten days: how long I’ve had my Panasonic wide-screen projection HDTV.

Four months, ten days: how long my Panasonic HDTV has gone until needing repair.

Press the power button on the TV, there’s a click, the power LED comes on, and nothing else. And then you can’t turn it off.


Panasonic prints the wrong 800 number for service on the warranty card. Pasasonic’s big-ass TVs have a special number. I found this out from the person on the wrong 800 number on the warranty card. She offered to give me information about a service provider but “they might not be able to work on your TV, because this is the wrong number for that model.” As much as I’d like to waste more time making pointless calls in a quest to get my television repaired, I’ll pass, and call the correct number.

Ten minutes of being on hold on the right number, and someone took my information, gave me a reference number, and said someone would call. Now we wait.

At this point, even though the television is under warranty for one year, I am very glad I bought a two year extension. It was less than $200 for the extension, and if I need one service call after the warranty expires, it’ll be worth it. And seeing that the TV is a mere four months old and is already in need of service, I think it likely I’ll see more repairs down the road.

Looks like it’s time to haul out the backup television.

There it is, in the left-hand corner. My old nine-inch Sony Trinitron.

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