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August 12th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

The good things in life are frequently not planned. The “engagement puppy”, for instance, wasn’t planned. It just happened. Part of it’s power and meaning for us comes from its spontaneous nature. It just felt right.

But, no matter how meaningful it was, no girl of mine is going to be without a ring.

The good news for me was with the engagement puppy, ConnyWho is Conny? wasn’t expecting anything else, so I had a chance to really surprise her. I also had a bit more time to get a ring. The next dilemma was where to pop the question? We already had our private moment the first time around, so this time it was all about public drama.

I wanted a place that was romantic and quintessentially New York City. So with the secret engagement ring hidden on me, I took the girl out on the pretense of seeing some sites to prepare for the many guests who are coming for the wedding. First stop: The Empire State Building.

That was going to be the only stop, but she didn’t know that.

After a bit of tedious waiting, we finally made it to the observation deck for some mighty views of this great city. We admired the cityscape from each side of the building, taking snaps, and pointing out landmarks to each other. The whole time, I’m waiting for the right moment to get down to business.

The crowd thins around us for a moment, so I take advantage and get down on one knee. I pop the question, and even though she’s already said “yes” once, she’s momentarily speechless. She manages to say yes again, though, and I slide the ring on her finger.

A girl this good is worth asking to marry me more than once.

You can label me a romantic, if you must. I just consider it practical. If the ring could light up with a little “TAKEN” sign, I would have done that, but this will do for now.

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