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Some K-Y for the OS X Upgrade

July 29th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Turns out you can get a $50 dollar rebate on the Mac OS 10.2 Jaguar upgrade if you pre-order at Amazon before September 3rd. So even if we are forced into getting it in the behind from Apple, this will help ease the pain.

Mac OS 10.1 should have come with a warning label: “Optimization not included: sold separately.”

No good news for you .Mac people, though. Frankly, I saw that coming. A good rule of thumb for any Internet service which is “free” is to mentally add “temporarily” in front of it. Almost all free web services either go away, become way too annoying to use, or start charging. I long ago learned to never, ever count on a free service. I do appreciate that many people have no choice but to use free services, and I feel for you. But it’s true on the Internet as much as everywhere else: you get what you pay for.

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