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July 19th, 2002 · No Comments · Blogging, NYC

Seems I was the only one who came to the International Blog Meetup day with a camera. So while others begrudgingly took on the duty of documenting who was there in writing, I got to document who was there with pictures. Poorly, I’m afraid. I never said I was a photographer.

Here we see my lovely Conny View definition in a new window with Rickey of Blue Red Orange and Josh of Cyan Pictures, formerly of Note that with deft timing and skill, I captured Rickey while blinking. Not bad!

I managed to catch a live action shot of the other people shooting the shit as only webloggers can do. On the left is my neighbor Tony of Evil Twin Theory chatting to Ursula of NY Yoga Girl, while Anna of Red Jacaranda talks to Vicki of Yet Another Web Log, who you can’t see. Vicki proved to be too elusive to photograph, though you can see a photo of her here which is undoubtedly much better than any I could take.

We gathered at Drip, which is quite an eccentric coffee house/lounge hybrid, with a side order of dating service. Any place that serves a Cap’n Crunch milkshake can’t be all bad. Some of the attendees were put off by the matchmaking nature of the place, but I can’t begrudge my fellow New Yorkers for trying to score a snuggle in this hard city.

The only thing the attendees have in common is we are all psychotic enough to be convinced we have something worth telling the world wide web about on a regular basis. Other than that, the diversity was impressive. Nations represented in our little soirée were Philippines, Italy, England, Germany, Canada, the United States, and one planet from a star system in Andromeda that I can’t remember. Matching the person to the place is left as an exercise for the reader.

My only regret is letting my ass fuse to the comfy couch and not getting up to work the room a bit more. I felt like I didn’t get a good chance to talk to Tony and Ursula, who were the two people smart enough to sit furthest from me. Rickey also had to run out early to take a Viagra, apparently.

It was a mistake for the Meetup folks to split Manhattan in two. The city, while big, isn’t that big. A central meeting point would provide a livelier gathering, although I think the hot sticky weather impaired the turnout somewhat.

Still, in spite of these minor shortcomings, I had a good time and perhaps made some new friends who I hope to see again. Conny and I would definitely go to another Meetup, so that’s probably the best endorsement I can make. Though, next time, I won’t pull my pants down to show everyone my chastity device. That was a bad call, I’ll admit. It must have been all that rum I drank.

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