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July 17th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I would love a way to hack into my iMac flat-panel and rig up some type of monitor switch so I could use that display with my pee-cee. I would use my PC more (read “play Windows-only games”) if it were in a more comfortable work space. It would also remove an eyesore from the living room.

I suppose the next best thing is to cough up $300 for a second flat panel display, put it next to the iMac, and just share the keyboard and mouse between the Mac and PC. This would be more appealing if the iMac could drive a second monitor. Unfortunately, it can only mirror. Still, not bad, but at some cost.

If I wasn’t worried about games, I could upgrade my PC to Windows 2000 and just use this clever little remote control widget Microsoft just released for OS X. The idea of installing Windows 2000 on the Dell is about as appealing as chewing tin foil. I’ll confess the OS entropy on the PC is rising, though, so a reinstall might not be a bad idea. And Windows 2000 is less dodgy than 98.

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