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July 1st, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

It’s been a bit quiet on the kink front. During >Conny’s last visit, besides acquiring some new toys and trying them out, we’ve been rather low key. There’s been some play, but no one has been >collared in a while, which usually boils down to me taking advantage of my freedom to try out all sorts of wicked things on my willing victim.

But after a nice, mostly egalitarian break, the girl is ready to get into her >top space for awhile, and I’m craving the collar View definition in a new window. Not wanting to wait for her return, I agreed to take my collar in advance of her return, placing myself in her distant hands.

Distance domination can be an interesting exercise, though it’s not nearly as satisfying for the top, since you don’t get all that wonderful delicious feedback, nor are you able to do anything first hand. But with a bit of creativity, and some clever application of technology, some down right evil things can be done. I’m finding this out first hand.

For instance, a video camera can be set up to document any humiliating assignment. Conny View definition in a new window does trust me to do what she says, but having the cold eye of a camcorder recording the deed makes it feel very different. And I’m sure a scene to come will be born out of reviewing the tape. It’s two humiliations for the price of one. I also made sure to throw myself into the task in question, since I knew I’d be evaluated for my performance.

Oh, and don’t worry, there will be no footage of this on Nosuch. See, I do have some restraint. Really.

Each day, in my in-box, I’ve been getting to-do lists from my lady. And sometimes she’s sinister enough to let me know what tomorrow’s task will be, so I can think about it that much longer.

During this exercise, I have to keep a journal and share my feelings and thoughts with her. Of course, orgasms are entirely off limits too. And as of last night, this was taken to the next level: on goes the chastity device. So not only can’t I get off, if I get aroused, it hurts. And it’s on with a security tag, like you’d see on an electric meter. If I break the seal, which is numbers, she’ll know.

So I’m one frustrated guy right now, but I’m loving every minute of it. And you can bet your ass I’m thinking about nothing else other than making sure my lady is happy as can be, and I’ll have everything perfect for when she returns. You cannot imagine a more devoted fellow.

The good news is she’ll be back soon. The bad news is not soon enough. And I know better than to think she’ll let me out when she gets here. If anything, that’s when the fun will really start.

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