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June 25th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

In November of 1998, almost four years ago, I followed a link to a page that would ultimately change my life. From this link I put a program on my computer that give me hundreds of hours of joy, companionship, and creative expression. That program brought dozens of wonderful people into my life, bringing new friends, and even my current lover.

It’s funny to think that this program is a just a silly game. But in the shared recreational space that is the game >Clan Lord, there is a community. And in communities, these types of wonderful things can happen. And happen they did.

But now I find myself spending more time with the community, that is dealing with the people, than actually playing the game. And as so often happens with any game, the fun beings to wane, the exciting becomes tedious, and eventually the desire to play at all is gone. The only pull I feel is for the people, and I don’t need the game for that connection. I still have a big place in my heart for the Nox Sorora and the people in it, but creative role play demands two things: time and commitment. And unfortunately, I can’t come up with either of those things right now. I have to focus my creativity in ways that are productive, and take me closer to where I want to be.

So it’s time to pack it in. My accounts on Clan Lord end this month. All my possessions and characters have found new homes, or been disposed of. You’ll still see Worf, Savior, Lilim, Samael and Ripley in the lands, but they’ll have new owners come July. Lilit, on the other hand, will be gone for good.

To me, this doesn’t really feel like an ending, since I’ve had little to do with the actual game of Clan Lord for months. It just makes it a bit more official, and a bit more permanent. But I don’t feel like I’m leaving what matters to me, which are my friends. My lack of involvement in the game has, if anything, made me feel closer to them, because we don’t have the game to talk about.

There’s simply too many people for me to thank for the great times I’ve had, and we all know how bad my memory is. I’m sure I’d leave someone out, and they’d hunt me down and throw hot tar at me, so I’m not even going to try. I will single out my clan mates in the Rat Bastards, who never failed to make me laugh until I cried. I’m also in awe of the people in the Nox Sorora, who have taken a few scatterbrained ideas and themes I had, and made something out of it that’s simply amazing. And of course, I’m grateful to the GMs who supported player driven stories, allowing the work of a few to be enjoyed by a larger audience.

So for those of you who remain in the game, having a blast, next time you hear “Fun turns to tragedy!” or “Praise Midnight!” you can blame me. Just don’t bother to curse the new Worf. Much.

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