Mistakes were made

New York City meets Munich

United we shoot, we score

June 21st, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

America is now out of the running for the World Cup, thanks to Germany. Damn those selfish bastards! (Not you, though, >Conny. Or your parents. Lovely folk.)

Not that 99.7% of Americans could give a rat’s ass about the World Cup. I know that might sound like sour grapes, but we can’t even call the game by the right name, so what can you expect?

Frankly, we could have won the thing easily. If we had only put Rudy Giuliani in the goal, and put pictures of the World Trade Center on the uniforms. No one would dare take a shot at the goal. It would be a mercy win. If some heartless team actually scored a goal, just have people on the USA team start sobbing. No opposing team could face being seen as the guys who kicked the US when we were down!

I mean, we’ve dealt with enough shit this past year, we might as well try to work it to our advantage.

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