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June 13th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I was hugely tempted to just delete the email from TiVo. When I registered with them, I was fairly certain I said “Don’t send me promotional emails,” but I had already gotten one spam from them. So again, I had gone to my preferences, and asked to be taken off their list.

And here’s another email from them.

But, this one wasn’t just a marketing spam. It was a request to take a survey. A survey regarding new features.

Well, in that case…

I’m glad I took it, because there were questions about home networks, operating systems, wireless networking, and MP3 support. It was nice to weigh in on the Mac side of the house. It’s nice to see their looking to turn the TiVo into a networked component that will talk to other devices. Instead of having to store MP3s on your TiVo, for instance, it can talk to your file server over your home network. I know this would make me happy, because I have a great stereo hanging off the TiVo, and it would let me centralize my MP3 library on my iMac.

A nice bonus of doing the survey, besides getting an official TiVo plush doll, is I got to signup to be a beta tester of the new services. I know I have my fingers crossed.

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