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New York City meets Munich

Left to my own devices

June 11th, 2002 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Turns out I didn’t hide her passport very well, and >Conny’s gone home to Munich to tend her life on the other side of the Atlantic for awhile. Right now I’d give back my TiVo, my iMac and my giant-ass TV just to have her back.

Well, maybe I wouldn’t give them back, but I would loan them out for a bit, just to have her back. I suspect if I could give them back in exchange for her return, she might not want to come back. Let’s face it: me in an apartment devoid of entertainment and gadgets isn’t much of an inducement. All these gizmos are just the geek male way to feather the nest for the geek female. She’s no dope. Luckily she’ll be coming back without having to make such a dreadful choice. Just not as soon as I’d like.

But between skulking around the apartment all mopey and such, and being overwhelmed at work with a real suck-ass project, I’m getting really blogstipated. Fear not, though. I’ve increased my intake of literary fiber, and we should be seeing some movement any day now. The doctor says I shouldn’t push, though. Just let things flow naturally, no straining to get it out.

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